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The Circuit Train Expedition

Our circuit train trip from Chennai promises delightful experiences and cultural immersion. We begin in Ayodhya, a historical site with old tales and architecture. After exploring Ayodhya’s rich historical and dynamic atmosphere, we take the train for Varanasi, the spiritual heartland.

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01-06 APRIL
6 Days Journey
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About the Trip:

Chennai to Ayodhya and Varanasi

Embark on an unforgettable rotation train journey that commences in the vibrant city of Chennai and unfolds a tapestry of cultural richness. The first stop on this exhilarating adventure is Ayodhya, where ancient history and mythology seamlessly intertwine at Shri Ram Temple. Explore the timeless beauty of Ayodhya through a captivating sightseeing tour, immersing yourself in its historical significance.

Departing from Ayodhya, the train sets the stage for exploring ancient history and mythology. As the rhythmic clatter of wheels on tracks guides the journey, the destination unfolds into the spiritual haven of Varanasi. Along the way, witness the ever-changing scenery, from the serene Ganges River to the timeless ghats that have borne witness to centuries of tradition in Kashi.

As our adventure draws to a close, we bid farewell to Varanasi and embark on our return to Chennai, cherishing the memories of our unforgettable expedition through India’s diverse landscapes and cultural tapestry.

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Top Attractions Ayodhya &Varanasi Trip

Ram Janmabhoomi

Ram Janmabhoomi

Sri Ram Ayodhya

Sri Ram Lalla Darshan

Kashi vishwanath temple

Kashi vishwanath temple

Kasi Annapoorani Temple

Kasi Annapoorani Temple

Kashi Ganga Aarti

Ganga Aarti Darshan

Kasi vishalakshi temple

Kasi vishalakshi temple

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