Terms and Conditions

Alteration of Itinerary:

SRMPR GLOBAL RAILWAYS PRIVATE LIMITED understands that unforeseen circumstances may arise, leading to the modification of the program itinerary. The company is not liable for natural calamities, strikes, cancellations, train delays, or any events beyond its control during the tour period. Your cooperation during such situations is sincerely appreciated.

Timings and Stations:

The final timings and halt stations will adhere to Indian Railway orders, ensuring a smooth and well-coordinated journey.

Inclusions and Booking:

This fare includes Sleeper/AC Coach Train Tickets and Travel insurance. Guests can book additional services such as food, accommodation, transfers etc. through the SRMPR Railways website, making their journey more comfortable.

Specially Assigned Coach Executives:

Specially assigned Coach executives by SRMPR GLOBAL RAILWAYS PRIVATE LIMITED will be available to assist and enhance your travel experience.

Personal Expenses:

The tour package does not cover personal expenses, laundry, medicines, sightseeing entry charges, or tour guides. Your understanding is crucial in ensuring a seamless tour.


Please carry one valid original ID card for identity verification by SRMPR Railways, fostering a secure and organized travel environment.

Refreshments for Specific Conditions:

Senior citizens, diabetic guests and pregnant women are kindly advised to carry refreshments, considering unforeseen delays in serving food.

Guideline Adherence:

Guests are requested to adhere to travel guidelines that shall be announced periodically to ensure a comfortable journey for all.

Attention to Announcements:

Paying attention to announcements during the tour is essential for a pleasant and well-informed travel experience.

Cooperation During Delays:

We seek your understanding and cooperation in case of unforeseen delays in train arrivals/departures, making the journey smoother for everyone.

Queue Etiquette:

Kindly follow queues while boarding the bus and during hotel check-ins, promoting a considerate and orderly travel atmosphere.

Seat Allocation:

Guests are encouraged to occupy allotted seats and make changes only with mutual consent, ensuring a harmonious journey for all.

Final Decisions by SRMPR:

Any decision made by SRMPR will be considered final in addressing problems during the tour, promoting fairness and transparency.

Train Timing Adherence:

Adhering to train timing announcements is crucial during the tour and at stations. SRMPR is not responsible for incidents of guests missing the train.

Behavioural Standards:

Unruly behaviour will not be entertained, as it may disrupt the travel experience. Your understanding is appreciated.

Alcohol/Smoking Prohibition:

Consumption of alcohol/smoking is not allowed on the train or during the tour, contributing to a healthy and comfortable journey for everyone.

Luggage Responsibility:

While the management takes all precautions, guests are advised to be vigilant as the company is not accountable for theft or damage to luggage during the trip.

Medical Assistance:

Arrangements will be made for medical assistance during sickness, and the cost has to be borne by the guest. Your well-being is our priority.

Class Upgrade:

Passengers have the option to upgrade their class at an extra cost, subject to availability, for an enhanced travel experience.

Cancellation Requests:

Cancellation requests will be accepted through a direct request letter or email, and we appreciate your understanding of the SRMPR cancellation Terms & Conditions.

Booking Approval:

Booking confirmation is tentative and subject to approval by Indian Railways. In the event of trip cancellation, a full refund will be processed by the company, ensuring fairness and transparency.

No Show Policy:

In case of a no-show, we regret to inform that no refund will be entertained, and your understanding is appreciated.

Customer Feedback:

Your valuable feedback is essential for us to improve our services. Feel free to contact us at +91 – 81481 40515.

Refund through Travel Agents:

Refunds for reservations made through Travel Agents will be processed by the issuing Travel Agent. SRMPR Railways disclaims any online/direct obligations regarding refunds, seeking your cooperation and understanding.

Cancellation Charges:

Before 30 days (excluding departure date)

10% of the package cost

15 – 29 days (excluding departure date)

30% of the package cost

9 – 14 days (excluding departure date)

60% of the package cost

Less than 9 days

100% of the package cost